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The Chronicles of Myrtana is a series of mods for the cult classic game Gothic 2: Night of the Raven. In our mod, you will witness the Kingdom of Myrtana under the rule of king Rhobar II. The action of the first part of the modification, titled "Archolos", takes place 10 years before the events of Gothic I, during The Second War against the Orcs and before the Magic Barrier separated the Colony from the rest of the world. You will have an opportunity to explore the beautiful island of Archolos where the kingdom’s most valuable grapes grow on the high slopes of the mountains. An island of lovely sights and a center of trade... marred by a bloody conflict ominously looming on the horizon.


In the first part of The Chronicles of Myrtana, you will explore the island of Archolos, originally mentioned in Gothic I. Archolos, being one of the main islands of The Eastern Archipelago, is an important centre of trade in the Kingdom of Myrtana. The island is renowned for its highest quality wine, sought after and exported to all the farthest corners of the kingdom.

Thanks to the island’s plentiful natural resources and the king’s influence, trade on the island flourished, and a vast coastal town was erected, with many vineyards and farms cropping up alongside it. These events and occurrences eventually drew the attention of the renowned Merchant Guild - "Araxos", which quickly established its headquarters on the island, contributing to its rapid economic growth.

On Archolos you will have an opportunity to delve into the deepest of mines, visit the tranquil Monastery of Adanos, hear the rumours in one of the local taverns, and discover other interesting places whose secrets will be revealed only to the boldest of adventurers...


In the modification, we have a number of new features to offer:


The main purpose of this mod is to present the Kingdom of Myrtana, a proud and powerful country, whose foundations crumble under the winds of war and unrest which rage throughout its lands. Make your mark in a brutal world where your every decision has a clear impact on its environment and the lives of those you meet on your path.

The flame of Myrtana, once burning red and clear, now gradually fades, just like hope and faith of its people. Perhaps the only chance to rekindle it is not within the power of proud kings and generals, but in the hands of nameless, unremarkable heroes, who will one day take up their arms and fight for what they value most. Perhaps even you will become one of them and forever change the fate of this world...

Features of the plot:

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